The current reality within the group insurance industry is based on the “back-office” type of practice that currently provides little value for their clientele. This model of intermediary gives rise to notable risks principally due to the following factors: divulging commissions, hidden expenses, innovative technology, the lack of customer service for employees, limited actuarial consulting and a lack of a cohesive strategy with the advisors. In this context, the traditional brokerage of insurance rates, with group plans in which inflation forces endless impoverishment every year, is well and truly over.
For its part, the contemporary practice becomes the provider of new value for every client, employees and the employer, thanks to an infrastructure of service and expertise facilitated by Strategys every hour of every day. This infrastructure allows the professionals to transition toward a fundamental redefinition of their contribution to the enhancement of employee benefits for their clientele through a superior offer of services resulting in a durable and continuous value.
The professional employee benefits practice is more stimulating and empowering than ever.

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